AMD-5730 Min X-ray

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The AMD-5730 provides a high frequency portable medical x-ray solution designed for use in nursing homes, private homes, correctional facilities, military field clinics, hospitals, or anywhere an x-ray machine must be brought to a patient. These x-ray units and their companion stands provide the most easily transportable, user-friendly systems available for general-purpose off-site medical diagnostic radiography. The AMD-5730 units offer the highest power-to-weight ratios available.

Rugged, dependable x-ray equipment is capable of all routine radiographic views you would expect from a portable unit. Detailed images of chest, abdomen, skull, spine and extremities are easily obtained with short exposure times on ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients.

The new AMD-5730 portable x-ray unit offers variable mA - 30,25 and 20 - in a kV range of 40 - 100. This CPU controlled unit provides for optimum accuracy of output and features 5 memory stations for easy storage and recall of frequently used exposure techniques.

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