AMD-5100 SmartScan 3.3 X-ray Scanner

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The SmartScan 3.3 X-ray Scanner is AMDs most affordable X-ray scanner to digitize X-ray film and to integrate your telemedicine program with a full-scale Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) in a tele-radiology application. Ruggedly constructed of aerospace grade aluminum, the vertical orientation protects the mirror and lens system from particulates and dust, and the rigid optical platform with few moving parts minimizes maintenance requirements, making the SmartScan 3.3 X-ray Scanner a favorite of mobile or remote tele-radiology programs. The fixed optical components and the single mirror gliding light-path eliminate image deterioration due to vibration and reflective interference. The SmartScan 3.3 X-ray Scanner includes an integrated light box that allows local clinic viewing of X-ray film. The SmartScan 3.3 is easily mounted on a wall, stand or desktop, to save space and improve portability. Scanned images can be stored in a 12 bit DICOM 3.0 format or as standard TIFF, BMP or PICT optimized 8-bit greyscale files. Fast scanning under 35 seconds at 300 dpi, the SmartScan 3.3 includes variable resolution for moirée pattern elimination, Exposure and Gamma corrections for dark films, and 12 to 8 bit optimization curves for perfect scanning every time. The SmartScan 3.3 supports DICOM 3.0 transmission of images and is available with an optional DICOM 3.0 interface for DICOM compliance and PACS integration. Available with a 100 X-ray film Automatic Document Feed (see AMD-5400.) The SmartScan 3.3 is an excellent choice to deliver full tele-radiology capabilities within your telemedicine clinic.


  • Resolution: Maximum Optical: 357X757 Dots Per Inch, Maximum Interpolated: 757X757 DPI
  • Resolution Selections: 3.5 to 757 in 3 DPI steps
  • Exposure settings: From -100 to +100 in 1% Steps
  • Computer Configuration: Pentium III or better, 512Mb RAM, Win 2000. 512Mb RAM, 1 Gigabyte Storage preferred, Video card: at least 256 shades of gray. ASPI compliant SCSI card supplied, Scanning Software Included DICOM 3.0 interface optional
  • Scanning Modes: 16 bit grayscale, 12 bit grayscale (4096 levels), 12 to 8 bit conversion (256 optimized grey levels), 24, 30 and 36 color option available
  • Scanning Speed: 300 DPI (4.8x4.8k) 35 seconds, 150 DPI (2x2k) 16 seconds, Dependent on processor speed, available RAM, disk access time and video card.
  • Weight: 34Lbs / 14 Kg
  • Dimensions: 26X22X4 In, 66X56X15 CM
  • Power: 100-250V AC/2.8A max; 47-63 Hz
  • Operating Temp: 10-40 C, 50-140F
  • Integrated Light Box: Scanned and original images can be compared immediately for enhanced quality control of scanned images.
  • Large Media Sizes: All transparent media up to 14X17 inches.
  • Operating Environment: 10-40 C, 20-80% humidity
  • Shock load resistance for mobile applications
  • Optical Density Range: .01-3.5 O.D. actual
  • DICOM 3.0 Interface: Optional DICOM 3.0 Interface for DICOM compliant systems, PACS and Teleradiology.
  • Automatic Document Feeder: Optional ADF available for high volume scanning of all types of X-Ray films.
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