AMD-400 Camera & Illumination with AMD-2015

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The AMD-400s is the multi scope analog and digital camera and light source that produces the superior quality images you need for accurate diagnosis. This analog camera drives a wide variety of diagnostic devices, including an ENT/otoscope, direct ophthalmoscope, and dermascope.


  • Power Supply: Worldwide Automatic Switching 115-230 VAC 110 VA, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 10.35" (263mm) W x 3.93" (100mm) D x 12.40" (315mm) H
  • Weight: 8 lbs. (4 Kg)
  • Video Signal: Video/S-Video USB 2.0 (only digital version)
  • Illumination: 4,500°K Color Temp (Daylight)
  • Exposure Control: Infinitely Variable Electronic Light Control
  • Cable Length: 10 feet (3m)
  • Horizontal Resolution: 625 (PAL) and 525 lines (NTSC)
  • Approvals: Standard Safety BF according to EN60601-1. CE-mark according to guideline 93/42/EWG. The CE mark on this product indicates it has been tested to and conforms with the essential requirements noted within the 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive. The CE-label certifies that the product corresponds to the EMC regulations 89/336/EEC and directive 73/23/EEC.


  • Superior Imaging
    The AMD-400s delivers a crisp, clear, uniform image from edge to edge. AMD's unique edge enhancement for sharper definition is a standard feature.
  • Superior Illumination
    AMD-400s produces white light for true color and the advanced design projects light into the fiber optic bundle at a wider angle, producing consistent illumination across the monitor.
  • Easy To Use
    Automatic white balance and iris control match the level of illumination to the needs of the camera. Just turn it on and use it.
  • Flexibility & Economy
    The AMD-400s adapts to a wide range of rigid and flexible diagnostic scopes. This maximizes your flexibility as your program grows and matures.
  • Rugged Construction
    The solid camera housing, reinforced cable and rugged system chassis guarantee long life under continuous use. The lamp has an average life of 2,500 hours.
  • Integrated System
    The camera and light source work together in a single unit, simplifying use and maximizing performance. The AMD-400s delivers whiter, surgical-quality illumination (4,500°K color temperature) to your diagnostic examinations and procedures. This results in more accurate tissue-color rendition for more efficient, effective diagnoses. The lamp is extremely reliable. During examinations and procedures the lamp will last an average of 700% longer than halogen lamps. The lamp's brilliant illumination uses a cool, energy-efficient 50 watt metal halide bulb. This eliminates heat through the fiber optic cable. That means less risk to the patient and minimal heat output when integrated in a telemedicine cart.
  • Universal Compatibility
    The AMD-400s is compatible with nearly all of your current optical instruments and a complete line of high-quality AMD instruments to broaden your diagnostic capabilities.
    • Video otoscopes
    • Dermascopes
    • Ophthalmoscopes
    • Rigid sinuscopes or flexible rhinolaryngoscopes
    • Surgical headlights
  • Exclusive Features Provide Surgical Quality Video
    The AMD-400s delivers high resolution, uniformly lit video. The AMD-400s ensures truer color and crisp, clear, well-defined pathologies. Advanced engineering of the patented light source technology and fiber optic cable placement ensures greater illumination consistency and reduced light loss in the projected light beam.
  • Video Imaging Technology Enhances Diagnostic Capabilities
    • Light balance: automatically or manually adjusts light intensity throughout the examination to provide a consistent, high-quality video image.
    • Color enhancement: easy-to-use controls let you readjust the video processor for optimal color balance with every instrument in the platform.
    • Image enhancement: sharpens video images, providing greater definition of colors and shapes for more accurate diagnoses.
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