97-546 NF Cart Vertical Laptop Kit

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For improved ergonomics, place the laptop’s screen at eye-height on your Neo-Flex Laptop Cart (24-205-214). The kit includes a security system that offers theft deterrence as well as stability against unintentional bumps—no need for Velcro or adhesives.
Part Number: 97-546
Description NF Cart Vertical Laptop Kit (black)
* Compatible with most 12" to 17" laptops. Maximum outside width of laptop = 16.5" (419 mm); maximum thickness of laptop = 2.1" (53 mm); also accommodates docking stations
Durable, easy-to-clean exterior composed of high-grade plastic and powder coated painted steel
Polyurethane end caps and grommet on adjustment bracket help protect laptop surface while eliminating metal to metal contact
Excessive wear on laptop hinges is prevented by adjustable hinge supports
Compatible with Neo-Flex Laptop Cart (pt # 24-205-214)
Requires separate keyboard
Shipping Dimensions: 16" x 6" x 23" (406 x 152 x 584 mm)
Shipping Weight: 5.7 lbs (2.6 kg)
Warranty: Three (3) years
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