97-962 sv drawer travel-stop, 12,30 cm

97-962 SV Drawer Travel-Stop, 12"/30 cm

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When adding a 2nd row of tall drawers or a 4th row of standard-height drawers to SV43 or SV44 carts, use this accessory to prevent the bottom drawer row from impacting the base of the cart.
Part Number: 97-962
Description: SV Drawer Travel-Stop, 12"/30 cm (aluminum)
Includes travel-stop, attachment hardware
Only use this travel-stop in cart configurations that include two rows of tall drawers or 4 rows of standard-height drawers
Limits lift engine travel to 12" (30.5 cm)
Shipping Dimensions: 9" x 5" x 3" (23 x 13 x 8 cm)
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs (1 kg)
Warranty: Five (5) years