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Visual Intelligent is an expansion of an integrated Solution Company originated in Singapore. It specializes in providing the best Integrated mobile environment solution for businesses. It is committed in delivering the most efficient way of providing business solution to promote increased productivity, comfort & healthy working environment.

Through our visual functions and capabilities, we understand customer’s needs. We merge business processes with our technical capabilities to be well-positioned in creating effective business solution. From ergonomics to wide array of medical products, we aim to deliver the best capabilities, service and superior buying and after-sales experiences to meet specific customer's requirements.




To improve and recommend the best integrated solution with mobility to enhance productivity and efficiency.




To create automated, interactive and mobility digital display

To provide best of breed integrated Solution






Considering ourselves as a growing organization in a very competitive market, we are flexible in adapting the constant innovation and evolution of things to meet our customers needs and expectations through a diversified knowledge and abilities.




We treat our customers as the core of all our strategies and actions that we take. A truly successful business cannot only be measured on how good the person’s sales are but also, how good the relationship between the customers and us by building a mutually beneficial relationship. We shape ourselves into keeping a good reputation by providing goods and services with high standards of quality to our valued customers, making sure that we provide exceptional customer care and support to meet their needs with satisfaction.  We work to the best interest of the company and the market by doing the right thing.




Our values are our guidelines on how we perform and conduct ourselves to fulfill our goals.  It is our foundation that directs us toward positive and profitable outcome. We develop and hone skills of individuals to broaden horizons.